Basic Water

Basic Water

The basic water offers the ideal Entsäuerungskur without mandatory diet or change of diet! 
The alkaline water helps your well-being, by being able to buffer the Übersäurerung the body. 
The application is simple and achieves a high effect.

Many spas are already offering and basic fasting. Due to the high pH of the alkaline water
is designing new ways to de-acidify the body and thus promote health positively.

- Neutralized highly effective free radical

- Regulates the active acid-base balance

- Increases the performance and recovery of athletes

- Activates more oxygen in the body

- Corrected and improves cell communication

- Reduces the oxidative stress in the body

- Helps restore a natural intestinal flora

Aqua Electra Basic has a food approval.

Please note:

Dietary supplements are no substitute for a balanced and varied diet
Basic Water