As the first and only disinfectants of its kind, it passed the certification in the hospital and practice 
area of ​​the German Society for Hygiene and Microbiology (DGHM) and the Association for Applied Hygiene
has and is also active against all viruses (virucidal according to EN 14476).

listed and approved in the VAH (Association for Applied Hygiene eV

Disinfectant concentrate for the disinfection of drinking water and surfaces. It contains no phenols or aldehydes and consisting of water and salt. 
PotoDes® is produced by, a specially developed for this system diaphragmalysis, in the form of sodium hypo-chlorite. It is effective against bacteria, 
fungi and viruses at the same time-environmental. PotoDes® has passed the high load at the surface disinfectant
 (DGHM / VAH) and is gem. EN 14476 virucidal.


Faces / surfaces waters, drinking water

Recommended applications:

Disinfection of drinking water (ratio 1: 1000), disinfectant wipes, spray, nebulization disinfection, dosing disinfection, disinfection Stipp

for rapid kill of harmful microorganisms

    Fungi and yeasts

Reduction and prevention of biofilms.